My Core Values and Beliefs

An important distinction I make as your elected representative is that your hard earned dollars are YOUR hard earned dollars. It is not the government's money. Yes, taxes are necessary to support important and vital community functions, but we must never forget that the funds collected through taxation represent the hard work and sacrifice of our citizens. As elected officials, we should be reluctant to take more than what we already take in taxes. The government must stretch those precious tax dollars further and be grateful for what they receive, not whine that it isn't enough.


For this reason, I have opposed every single effort in the last 14 years to raise property tax rates in the City of Marysville. Rather than simply reaching into the pockets of our citizens to fill whatever need there is in our city, I have supported efforts that increase the efficiency of our local government. I have also been involved in efforts to grow our local economy. This puts more money in our local coffers.


Prior to being on the city council, many of our citizens made regular trips to Everett to do their shopping and entertainment. Our efforts in recent years have created new opportunities to shop in Marysville, saving our citizens time and money. These efforts have also been successful in bringing customers from surrounding communities which is a multiplier to our tax base, lessening the dependence on our citizens to fund city services. You can see the result of these efforts over the last ten years with businesses large and small choosing to establish their businesses in Marysville.


The next phase that is now underway is to create a larger jobs base in Marysville. While I've been on city council, I've strived to promote policies that make Marysville a better place for employers to locate. There is ample land for development in the North end, but there is still much work to be done in getting those acres ready for employers. This is something I will continue to focus on as your city councilmember.


I view it as one of my most important priorities to safeguard public funds and spend them wisely. I believe that our local government should be lean and efficient while giving citizens the best service in all areas. As a city councilmember, I encouraged the Mayor in his efforts to trim excess expenditures and avoid unnecessary debt. I have also supported initiatives to increase the city's financial reserves. I am happy to report that these efforts have been successful in achieving a healthy city reserve fund.

If you have any questions regarding my campaign or a specific issue, feel free to contact me. We are always happy to speak with our constituents and we look forward to your call.

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