News Articles About Jeffrey Vaughan

Here's what has been published in the local papers about my work as a city councilmember over the years. 


"Vaughan’s past experience and care with the city’s finances warrant a fourth full term on the Marysville council."

Everett Herald, 10/13/2017


"Vaughan started the discussion by saying the citizen survey priorities are not 'square with the budget.' 'Are we putting enough into public safety?'" he asked.

Marysville Globe, 11/16/2016


"Graffiti Paint-Out Volunteers Clean Up Marysville"

Marysville Globe, 4/12/2012


"Graffiti is an incredible problem all over, and it’s one of the most significant issues that I’m asked about by our citizens,' Nehring told the volunteers. 'It’s great to see you all stepping up like this. We do have our Graffiti Task Force, headed up by Council member Jeff Vaughan, but government can’t take care of it all..."

Marysville Globe, 8/3/2011


"Nehring agreed that graffiti is 'very unwelcome' in Marysville due to its unsightliness and its indications of gang activity, and commended Marysville City Council member Jeff Vaughan's work with the city's Graffiti Task Force."

Marysville 3/24/2011


"It's a bad decision to raise property taxes in difficult times," Vaughan said. "We need to look for ways to bring in revenue other than tapping into our citizens' homes."

Marysville Globe, 11/10/2010


"...Marysville City Council member Jeff Vaughan also met with middle school students throughout the district last year, as part of the Parks and Recreation "Graffiti Hurts" campaign, to "talk with kids, and not at them" about the problems caused by graffiti, as well as to solicit their suggestions for solutions."

Marysville Globe, 10/27/2009


"Community Explores Gangster Mentality. Marysville City Councilmember Jeff Vaughan noted, 'Our city is a great place to live, but there are some elements that are of concern.'"

North County Outlook, 11/20/2008


"Vaughan spoke about the city 'throwing the book' at adult [graffiti] offenders, and advocated a program under which they would be sentenced to clean up the town while wearing bright orange vests that read 'graffiti offender'. This latter remark earned Vaughan applause from attendees."

Marysville Globe, 11/18/2008


"Councilman Jeff Vaughan reported the city had cleaned up over 200 incidents of graffiti in the two weeks prior. He added billable costs for graffiti clean-up have topped $65,000 since July of last year."

Marysville Globe, 10/1/2008


"Among Council members, Vaughan has far and away been the most vocal about wanting to eradicate graffiti from the city, or at least catch the perpetrators."

Marysville Globe, 8/28/2008


"Three Marysville schools hit with graffiti. 'I'm pretty upset about this and I want to see some real action.' Councilmember Vaughan"

Marysville Globe 8/28/2008


"I'd like to publicly thank Marysville Police Commander Robb Lamoureux, Parks and Rec Director Jim Ballew, and City Council member Jeff Vaughan for taking the time to meet with every student at Totem Middle School this past week to educate us about the problem of graffiti..."

North County Outlook, 5/22/2008


"Councilman Jeffrey Vaughan pleaded for an immediate response against the city’s growing graffiti problem. 'I want to see some real action on graffiti this year,' he told the Council, adding, 'This is personal to me.' Vaughan’s teenage son is a member of the Scout troop whose signs were vandalized."

North County Outlook, 1/31/2008


"For City Councilman Jeff Vaughan, who helped organize the city’s Graffiti Task Force, the problem has had a personal impact. 'It really hit me personally when my son’s Eagle Scout project was vandalized within days of being completed in Jennings Park,' said Vaughan. With the help of donated hours and materials, the teen created a scenic vista overlooking Allen Creek with park benches installed on concrete pads. 'Unfortunately, the viewpoint became a target of vandals,' Vaughan explained, 'requiring city staff to paint over graffiti on the benches many times each week. Eventually, the benches were so badly damaged that the Parks Department had to remove them.'

North County Outlook, 11/9/2007

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