About Jeffrey Vaughan

A diligent public servant with experience in business management, economic development, and community involvement. 


Civic Experience

  • Marysville City Councilmember, 2003 to present
    • Current committee assignments include Public Works, Finance, Police and Firefighter Retiree Board
    • Former committee assignments include Fire District Board of Directors, Parks & Recreation Board, Graffiti Task Force, Government Affairs
  • Former Marysville City Council President / Mayor Pro Tem, 2012 to 2016

Professional Experience

  • Sixteen years of executive management experience for a lighting and safety products company
  • Former occupational safety & health professional for three Fortune 500 companies

Personal Accomplishments

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health, Minor in Chemistry
  • Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America
  • Awarded "Most Positive Coach", Marysville Youth Soccer Club, 2002
  • Ham radio operator, KG7YJX

My Private Life

In my spare time, my wife and I like to work with our bonsai trees, kayak local waterways and fly stunt kites. Two of my newest hobbies are making kimchi and learning all about ham radio. Deanna isn't too fond of my kimchi hobby but has allowed me to keep a kimchi fridge in the garage. I'm not an expert at any of those hobbies, but I do enjoy the process of learning how to perfect them. 


I am very active and involved in my local church congregation. I enjoy the fellowship with the people in the church and especially enjoy helping people and serving the community. The church provides a great framework for service to individuals and the community at large. I've seen remarkable changes happen in the lives of people as a result of the efforts of people in our local churches.


Rocky Mountain Roots


On the topic of family life, I was born in Aurora Colorado to Douglas and Suzanne Vaughan. I left Colorado at age 18 and have only been back to visit. While living in Colorado, I learned about the benefits of master planning in a rapidly growing city. One thing that I appreciated about the municipalities in the Denver Metro Area is that they did a pretty good job of building out infrastructure well in advance of the new homes and businesses being built. I remember multi-lane arterials going out into the open prairie when there was nothing but prairie dogs and pronghorn antelope. However, after a few years, the area filled in according to the master plan. The benefit of this approach was that there was no need for acquiring new property to widen streets because the streets were already built large enough for the future growth. It's a great concept and one that I'd like to see more of in our urban planning here in Washington State. I'm happy to say that in my time on City Council, our community development department has made great strides in anticipating and planning for future growth.


After I left Colorado I spent a couple of years in the great state of Texas as a missionary for my church. When I returned I attended Utah State University. It was at USU in Logan, Utah where Deanna and I met, and married and where I completed the coursework for my BS degree in Public Health and a minor in Chemistry. Deanna was teaching Chemistry at a local high school while I finished my degree.


Interestingly, I almost dropped out of college thanks to chemistry. I came home from classes one day and told Deanna, flippantly that I was sick of chemistry and that it would be better if I dropped out of college. Deanna would have none of that! She sat me down at the kitchen table and tutored me through chemistry. 


After college, I landed a great job as an occupational health and safety professional at an electric utility in the Pacific Northwest. We've made the Northwest our home ever since. We spent a few years in Portland, then Vancouver, Washington and finally we found our home in Marysville starting in 1998 when I was hired by the Boeing Company to be a Safety and Health Administrator at the Everett factory. 


My First Impressions of Marysville


I will never forget my first impressions of Marysville. When I first saw the name, "Marysville" on the map, I thought it sounded so quaint and almost like Andy Griffith's "Mayberry" in a way, which appealed to me. When we drove around the city, it grew on me pretty quickly as we admired the views of Mt. Pilchuck, the Puget Sound, and the Marysville water tower. I've always liked the water tower. I know there are mixed feelings about it, but when you see it, you know you've arrived in Marysville! It's our gateway sign, like it or not. I have to say after all these years, I'm glad it's still there.


On our first visit to Marysville, we stopped for a picnic at Jennings Park with our three young sons and had a wonderful time. For anyone who wonders about the value of parks to a city, let me tell you, Jennings Park was a major selling point in our family's decision to move to Marysville. A community's parks say something about the character of that community. Over the years we've enjoyed going there to play ball, take a walk, drown a worm in the pond or admire the well-kept gardens.


The Eagle's Nest


I am proud to say that my two oldest sons did their Eagle Scout projects in Jennings Park. Christopher created a new scenic outlook with benches and concrete pads overlooking the marsh, and Joshua took on the ambitious project of rehabilitating the softball diamond. My youngest son Jesse decided to be different than his brothers and did his Eagle project in the newly opened Kiwanis park in the Sunnyside neighborhood. He constructed a post and dowel fence, a park entry sign and made other improvements to the trailhead and parking lot.


Our family has enjoyed living in Marysville. My three sons have moved away from home to live in different states and in different countries over the last several years. However, each of my sons has expressed a desire to return to Marysville someday, if circumstances allow. That says something about our community and how these boys feel about living here.


I hope that you will forgive my ramblings about my personal life. My intent is to help you learn a little more about me so that you can feel comfortable in making a good decision when you vote in November. I hope that I've done a good job of introducing myself to those of you who haven't met me yet. 

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